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How To Find Love In 2023

Tracey Cater

It’s hardly surprising that in 2023 many single people are becoming more disillusioned with attempting to navigate the world of dating and trying to find a new partner.As a Membership Adviser, I have come to the conclusion that today’s society is not always conducive to helping us to understand the opposite sex. I genuinely feel sympathy towards both men and women who are still trying to figure out what the other really wants.

I regularly speak with successful professional or business women, who are highly respected for their accomplishments and achievements. Their work life is often filled with a great deal of pressure and high level decision making and therefore many perceive that the strength and resilience these women exhibit professionally, is just how they are at home, behind closed doors. In actual fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Most women just wish to kick their shoes off, been shown warmth and affection and have some decisions made for them, for a change. Even if it’s just what to have for supper!

As far as all you single gentlemen out there are concerned, well sometimes you must wonder what on earth we ladies really want? When I ask my female clients what they are actually seeking in a partner, the answers can be extremely confusing for the majority of you chaps. We definitely like a man who communicates with emotional intelligence, tells us we are wonderful when we most need to hear it, exhibit a feminine side when we want to see it and is also tough, strong, masculine and never needy. Goodness me, how will we ever meet in the middle? By compromise, understanding and a little patience I think.

I have learnt from experience, that respect in a relationship is key. Men and women can all show weakness, we are allowed too. The world out there is tough enough, without needless criticism from someone you love. Have each other’s back.

So can chivalry and equality go hand in hand? Yes, of course they can. I believe that most men have a natural predisposition to protect. Chivalry isn’t sexist, although in some parts of modern society, it maybe viewed this way and sadly some men have become fearful of even opening a door for a woman, or offering to help her with her coat. Personally, I think this is very sad and I believe most women prefer this traditional and more romantic value.

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