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Since 1983, The County Register has been providing a high-quality personal matchmaking service to Southampton and district. So, if you’re currently dating or planning to start then we are confident that the team at The County Register could help.

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Why People Join Us

People join our personal matchmaking agency for many reasons but, primarily, it’s the need for anonymity, a lack of time and opportunity, sensitivity over entering – or re-entering – the dating scene, as well as the more specialised search that we offer compared with other agencies. It’s important to us that we have happy clients and will therefore do everything we can, to make sure our clients really do, at the very least, have a happy experience.

We are possibly the best matchmakers in the UK today and have a reputation in the industry for integrity and honesty. We will be honest with you. Come and meet us without obligation, then go away and think about it. Safety is first and foremost in our minds for both men and women. The word ‘County’ means nothing more than the fact that we cover the entire UK and beyond.

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Traditional Personal Matchmaking in Southampton

It’s now more than 40 years ago that two young mums Heather Heber Percy and Geraldine Turner, met everyday on the school run and first spoke of opening a high-end dating and matchmaking service, initially aimed at the farming community and country folk.

We lost Geraldine, to a well earned retirement in 2019, but incredibly half a lifetime on from forming the company Heather Heber Percy, is still working with us today. Overseeing our personal matchmaking operation and the quality of service that we provide, having become one of the best known and most effective matchmakers in the world over those 4 decades.

Dating In Southampton

If you have only experienced online dating and dating apps in recent years, then our much more comprehensive and personalised service, might well be a revelation to you. As working with your very own dating expert – your personal matchmaker, is completely different to utilising ‘DIY Dating’ yourself online or swiping left or right on a very superficial dating app.

Our lovely matchmakers Karen and Lucy will become ‘your friend in the dating business’ during the lifetime of your membership, getting to know you really well, along with your hopes, dreams and aspirations and the type of partner that you’re hoping to meet.
It’s a very comprehensive service and our major strength is the quality of our membership database, all of which have been personally interviewed and carefully vetted before being allowed to join, all of which Karen and Lucy get to know really well over time.

Your first contact will be likely to be with Tracey Cater, our Senior Membership Adviser, who handles most of our initial enquiries, whether they are from the web, by email or by phone. Tracey has worked in the dating industry since 2006, initially with our sister company Attractive Partners and during her career has helped put thousands on the road to finding love. It’s always free to seek advice from Tracey and there is no obligation to join whatsoever, so please feel free to make contact with us for a chat.

Introduction Agency Nearest You

We offer a range of membership options to suit most budgets and yes, whilst its going to be more expensive to join as a member of The County Register, than you’d expect to pay to join an online site or dating app, you may be pleasantly surprised that we are very competitive when compared to other London based agencies, who are typically charging in the teens of thousands to utilise their services.

Interviews can be conducted in your own home, at our centrally located head office or at lower levels via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. We also provide a personal photography service fro our small office studio, for those who choose the office interview, through Alison who is part of our client registration team, to ensure that you’re being seen at your absolute best. Interviews are conducted by Tracey, if you choose the home interview or by Karen or Lucy if you’re interviewed at the office or via a video link – the choice is entirely down to you and the membership option that you choose.

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Educated Matches

The majority of our client base are university educated, successful within their chosen field and are all searching for someone special to share their lives with. Many are high profile within their specialist field or occupation, so our confidential approach is usually one of their biggest considerations in joining us. Our service is totally discreet and there is no public profile or photographs of you on the internet or elsewhere that people could stumble across accidentally without your knowledge.

Our clients within come from all walks of life and backgrounds: they range in age from 30's to 80' and it is our objective to help them all find love or a compatible partner, or hopefully both. They are usually at least comfortably off and on some occasions wealthy but the most common characteristic is a genuine desire to meet a compatible, long term partner, from a similar background as themselves and with a minimum level of risk. We our champions of dating safely at The County Register.

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What Our Clients Say

These are just a few examples of what our clients have to say about our traditional matchmaking service. We are confident that we can help you find the love of your life. Contact us today to learn more.

Hi Karen We thought we would drop you a note to say we are enjoying spending lots of time together and are beyond excited for our future together. You introduced us. We are meant for each other and feel like soulmates. The timing was right for us both. Thank you for your lovely intuition and matching us

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