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One of our greatest strengths as a company is our matchmaking team, who are an absolute pillar of strength to Avenues as a company and give us a great advantage in terms of the success we are able to generate.

We have 11 Matchmakers in all, and our team is led by our Matchmaking Team Manager Lynda Nicholls, who is now in her 7th year as a Matchmaker and has quietly become one of our biggest influences and the cornerstone of the of the matchmaking success that we enjoy. Which is our greatest strength as a company.

Typically, we are changing more than 50 lives each week with what we do and more recently have far exceeded those figures, with sometimes many more than that going into exchange each week – meaning that we have found a successful match for them that both parties are happy to explore. This success is all driven by Lyn, who sets her stall out to be successful and wouldn’t stand for anything less than that.

We asked Lyn what in her opinion has made this year so successful for us as a company and what it is about our matchmaking team that has enabled us to produce such remarkable results. Says Lyn “All of the team members bring differing strengths to our team, but they go together remarkably well, and I love to see the success they generate by successfully matching clients, in huge and ever-growing numbers too. Growing this team has been the biggest success of my matchmaking career”.

Lyn continues “We are the biggest team of matchmakers in the UK in an industry where there are many ‘one-man bands’ and our database is our biggest asset, happily it continues to grow at a pace to provide us with many more and very varied matching opportunities. It is without doubt the largest database of personally interviewed and carefully vetted clients within the country and our competitors would kill to have something similar”.

The success of the team this year has been nothing short of remarkable to Lyn “The team are maturing and developing all of the time and we have a wonderful mix of experienced professionals and people that we have recruited more recently and with a mix of age groups too, to reflect our client base. It’s great that we have this sort of strength within the team and I always give this advice to anyone new – use the rest of the team and their experience, pick their brains and the great thing is they all respond. A team approach to matchmaking is very powerful and works incredibly well”.

To finish Lyn quotes some remarkable statistics “This year we have generated almost 8,000 matches, with approaching 3,000 of them going into exchange and being mutually accepted by both parties, which is amazing. The success rates towards the end of the year as the team has matured are even more impressive, with sometimes between 80 and 90 per week successful. We are changing that number of lives each and every week, which is a figure one of the smaller agencies might achieve in a year. That makes me really proud!”.

We are all proud Lyn – whatever role we play in the company, it's wonderful to see the remarkable success we are enjoying and the part the matchmaking team play in that.

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