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The County Register Team

Within dating, or with any other major purchase, people buy from people they trust. At The County Register, not only have we been established for a long time - a fact that many potential new clients draw confidence from (now over 40 years) - but we also have a wonderful team of honest, caring professionals, that most potential clients are impressed by and feel comfortable to embark on their dating journey with.

Something we’re really proud of is the fact that we’ve been established as an introductions agency for over 40 years now, and have copious amounts of experience successfully matching individuals from all walks of life. We are steeped in history, tradition, and processes that work when it comes to bringing a wonderful new potential partner into the lives of our clients.

The matchmaking agency was founded by Heather Heber Percy and Geraldine Turner outside the school gates in Ludlow, Shropshire, way back in 1983. We are so proud of the fact that Heather is still with us today, half a lifetime later, still advising us almost every day and taking personal responsibility for matching clients who choose our premium level Elegance service – which is still extremely competitively priced when compared to the offerings of many London-based agencies.

Here is our team:

Heather Heber Percy


As mentioned above, Heather founded The County Register back in 1983, with her business partner, Geraldine Turner. It’s remarkable that she is still working with us and guiding us 41 years later, as probably the best known and most successful personal matchmaker in the country. Her professionalism, judgement and people skills are unrivalled, and she has built the company into one of the best known and most respected brands in dating today.

Andrew Parker Dennis

Managing Director

Andrew joined the company in 2021 as Sales Director and was promoted to the Managing Director role in January 2023. He is an innovator and has brought many new ideas to the table and successfully implemented them. He has also grown our revenue exponentially, year-on-year. He is fast becoming one of the best known names in dating in the UK, and is a great, compassionate leader of our team.

Tracey Cater

Membership Adviser

Tracey first joined the company way back in 2006, initially with our sister company Attractive Partners, and has been responsible for introducing 1,000s of people onto the path to find love in the intervening years. Tracey is an outstanding professional; she is caring, empathetic and steeped in the knowledge of our processes and procedures that have generated so much success over the last 4 decades. She has served us also as a matchmaker and matchmaking team manager.

Karen Hyde

Executive Matchmaker

Karen has enjoyed a wonderfully successful career as a matchmaker, having joined the company in 2016. She has been a natural in the role and has enjoyed many successes with individuals seeking love. Karen’s secret is her friendly, empathetic approach to her clients and her burning desire to achieve success for each and every one of them. Nothing pleases her more than a matchmaking success story.

Lucy Hart

Executive Matchmaker

Lucy was personally recruited to the company by Heather Heber Percy, many years ago when The County Register was still very much a family business, where Lucy worked closely not only with Heather, but also her daughters, Tamara and Zara. Lucy’s kind and understanding approach and her experience in the industry are all major assets to us.

Vicky Rogers

Client Registration Executive

Vicky joined us to establish our Client Registration Department way back in 2015 and has quietly and effectively built a team that handles all of our client onboarding in their first 2 weeks as a member. She is responsible for our authentication and verification checks that keep our client base really safe, arranging profiling interviews. She also oversees the quality of the client profile and photographs and then chooses which matchmaker will take responsibility for each new client and their welcome call.

Alison Burford

Client Registration Executive

Alison is one of the most important cogs in The County Register engine and is a wonderful asset to us. She also takes responsibility for taking clients through our initial onboarding procedures, which she does seamlessly and with total professionalism. Alison is also a designer and has produced most of our brochures, information packs and marketing materials. She is also the custodian of our client testimonials and provides our photography service for clients visiting the office for their profiling interviews.

Trelawney Kerrigan

Dating Coach

Trelawney joined us initially as a personal matchmaker back in 2015. She is a qualified coach and hypnotherapist and also a celebrated author with books such as, ‘Be a Hollywood heroine in your own life’ and, ‘Be the woman he falls for, not the girl he sleeps with’. She has worked as a Dating Coach since 2020, with many success stories, and also is a regular blogger, vlogger and podcaster for our websites.

Kim Maclaren

Customer Experience Manager

One of the most important and critical aspects of being a member of The County Register is your customer experience, and this is now looked after by Kim Maclaren, who is one of the most experienced members of our team. Kim initially joined us as a personal matchmaker, but was appointed matchmaking team manager within 2 years, and then succeeded Geraldine Turner as General Manager of The County Register in 2019. Kim is available to talk through any membership issues you have by appointment.

Paula Gotch

Customer Experience Director

Paula first joined the dating industry back in 2009, and now has 15+ years service as a membership adviser, matchmaker and administrator. She was appointed as our Operations Director in 2013 and is one of the best known and most respected names within the industry. She is one of the most important members of The County Register team and works in tandem with Kim to provide the very best customer experience that we can possibly provide, and the most successful outcome.

Kerry Weston


Kerry’s role as a headhunter is very vital for us as a company, having joined us initially as a matchmaker as part of our expansion programme in 2015. Kerry’s bubbly personality enabled her to have outstanding success in her role. She became runner up in our Matchmaker of the Year competition in 2018, and then won this prestigious title outright in 2019. Kerry was appointed as our Headhunter in 2020, and is responsible for headhunting people from outside of our database on occasions, if the required criteria cannot be located within our own comprehensive and extensive database.

Hi Karen

Hi Karen We thought we would drop you a note to say we are enjoying spending lots of time together and are beyond excited for our future together. You introduced us. We are meant for each other and feel like soulmates. The timing was right for us both. Thank you for your lovely intuition and matching us

My dear Karen

My dear Karen, Just wanted to report that ‘P’ and I have moved to Florida and we are making wedding plans! Thank you again for this wonderful connection!

With great delight

With great delight, both of us are asking you to put ourselves off the list of your register... for the very best reason: we have decided to get married! Since we met, we have not spent a single weekend without each other and we already feel we can not live without each other anymore...

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