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Which is The Best Dating Site for Over 40s

Life Begins…

One of the questions dating experts are frequently asked is: ‘Which is the best dating site for over 40s?’

At The County Register we are not afraid to admit that we believe the answer is easy…us!


Because we are one of the most established agencies in the UK and we pride ourselves on our ability to move with the times while holding onto traditional values. We know that 40 is the new 25 and that as we mature, we become more ready to embrace all that life has to offer. Great food; wonderful locations and fabulous company! So, why not add an exciting new relationship into the mix?

Our team, led by the iconic Heather Heber-Percy, is known for our second to none experience in matchmaking. Our clients are sophisticated individuals who have created wonderful lives and are ready to share new adventures with a truly compatible partner. We pride ourselves on high levels of discretion and expertise. The County Register is respected throughout the industry and is seen as offering a ‘gold-standard’ service by our peers.

For over 40s, we provide a way to meet new people without the awkwardness and embarrassment of a ‘public profile’. Your profile will never be shared with anyone your Personal Matchmaker hasn’t carefully identified as a potential match for you. Our skilled team will ensure you are introduced to high calibre potential partners who have been through a thorough interview and verification process.

We passionately believe that post 40, men and women really start to understand who they are and what they are looking for. Often, maturing can feel like the start of a wonderful, new chapter. The saying ‘Life Begins…’ evolved for a reason… life truly does begin when we start to place importance on our own happiness.

We would like to help you find love this summer. Contact The County Register today to find out more!

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