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How to Find a Serious Relationship

Re-boot Your Mindset

At The County Register, we know how important it is for single men and women to approach dating with open hearts and minds. We all carry past hurts and disappointment, but with the right mindset, these can be left behind. The answer to the question ‘How to Find a Serious Relationship’ is less complicated than you may think. It’s all about letting go of the past and being truly ready for love!

We all go through times of transition in life. As we move from one phase to the next, we leave behind parts of our identity in order to start anew. Emotional shifts happen as we move forwards; this is a part of our human experience.

At The County Register, we speak to many amazing single men and women who are embracing bold new experiences. We are full of admiration for individuals who free themselves from old behavioural patterns and past pain. There is nothing as breath-taking as a person who fully embraces a life of love and adventure.

Work With A Professional & Understanding Matchmaker

We know it is not always easy to be vulnerable. Our professional and understanding matchmakers are at hand to help each County Register member feel at ease with the process. We offer insight and empathy in a confidential and non-judgemental manner.

All of our members are interviewed and ID checked by our team, maintaining the high standards of our founder, one of the UK’s top matchmaker’s, Heather Heber-Percy. We are proud to be one of the most established agencies in the country.

As spring turns to summer, the beauty of re-birth and transformation is all around us. Use nature’s wisdom as your inspiration to create the life you want to live. Take a break from the mundane and do something wonderful; open your heart to emotional openness and a desire for genuine love and companionship. Our Membership Advisor, Tracey Cater, would love to talk with you about how we can help!

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